Teacher Training 2021

Where confident, authentic and inclusive yoga teachers are born in under 8 months (both in-person and online).

The only certainty is that this next year is going to be uncertain... as we navigate our way through the stresses of life after Covid, geopolitical turmoil and economic uncertainty.

You see everybody struggling, and you know yoga is one of the things that helps.

Helps you manage your emotional stress, helps you feel more centred and calm, strong and safe in your body.

Wouldn’t it be great if all the people did more yoga?

Someone should DO something about that…

Well maybe that someone is YOU.


Sharing the simple and profound tools of yoga in your community whether in-person or online.

Simple poses. Simple breathwork. Wouldn’t that make a massive difference?

Plus... you know you need something new too.

You know you want change for yourself as well.

You know there are ways of earning a living that aren’t draining / depressing / boring / soul-destroying [delete as applicable].

Ways of working that are nurturing to you, helping you to fill your own cup as well as supporting others.


I’m Claire Mace, and I’m a Senior Yoga Teacher with over 5,000 hours of teaching experience.

I’ve been practicing yoga for two decades and teaching for 10 years, and have trained with top international teachers such as Judith Lasater, Eleanor Criswell Hanna, and Ana Forrest.

I started out with yoga when I was working full time at a busy media job in London, stressing out all day and sitting at a desk, not to mention commuting for hours on crowded tube trains.

Yoga was the most effective way I found to manage my back pain and soothe my emotional stress.

So when I left that world, I retrained as a yoga teacher and massage therapist.

I learned to heal my back pain and how better manage my internal state through regular yoga practice. I learned how yoga is invaluable for bringing people into more balance in their lives.

I became an expert in creating accessible classes that have helped hundreds of regular people get out of pain and feel stronger and more flexible.

Within a year, I had moved to the West Midlands, built up to teaching fifteen yoga classes a week in gyms, leisure centres and other community venues.

Now I live in Bethesda, North Wales, and teach students around the world via my virtual studio, and face to face in community venues here too.

Then during the upheaval and covid-chaos of 2020, I led my very first yoga teacher training.


I’m so grateful for my former trainees who navigated this with me, staying committed to their journeys to becoming yoga teachers.

  • “I can highly recommend the course. Claire is lovely, approachable, and so knowledgeable in so many areas.” – Mel

  • “Claire's teaching and respectful nature really did give me the opportunity to find my own style of yoga and I never felt judged. Being encouraged to teach so soon in the course is what has given me the confidence I have now.” - Nia

  • “Thank you Claire for your patience, understanding and continued support.” – Elen

  • “I have kept myself focused throughout lockdown by attending yoga training both online and in-person, creating sequences and delivering zoom classes. Thanks to Claire for passing on her skills, adapting the course to meet the demands of the changing situations and for keeping us all motivated.” - Denise


For the post-Covid era, I’ve reworked the Inspiratrix Yoga Teacher Training so that it’s possible to do this course either in-person (near Bangor, Gwynedd, North Wales), or virtually (we’ll be using Zoom), or you can do a mixture of both as your circumstances allow.

  • 200-hour professional level yoga training
  • 8 month programme (book in for a chat to get the dates)
  • 4 x 4-day modules
  • 24 x 2.5 hour classes once a week on a weekday evening 6pm-8.30pm (UK time)
  • Homework to develop creative and healing yoga sequences and hone your teaching skills (no essays required!)
  • Simple virtual learning environment with all the training materials
  • Mentoring, feedback and encouragement from Claire, including personal tutorials to support your learning process
  • Philosophy and Meditation module with Craig Nadashakti Norris
  • Applied Yoga Anatomy module
  • Access to my Inspiratrix Yoga weekly live classes, and our Virtual Yoga Vault of prerecorded classes
  • Covid-proof: you can have certainty that this course will run, and that you will be able to complete it, irrespective of local lockdowns, whether you are present in-person or online
Leading a hybrid Yoga Teacher Training session with trainees in the room and on Zoom!


  • You want to learn the building blocks of teaching yoga to groups and individuals in a safe and inclusive way
  • You want to build confidence through learning to teach, developing skills from the first day of the course
  • You recognise that having the support of our team will make a massive difference
  • You want to bring more yoga into your community, and you could even start your classes before the course ends
  • The flexibility of being attend either in-person or online (or a mixture of both) appeals to you.


  • You just want to do punishingly hard yoga and handstands all the time
  • You have zero interest in teaching, but just want to develop your yoga practice (book in for private classes with me instead)
  • You don’t know if you’ll be able to make the sessions because of life/work/childcare. This is a live course, not just a bunch of recordings and you do need to show up.
  • You are not regularly attending yoga classes or doing self-practice

We live in a changing and chaotic world. People need the healing and calming effects of yoga more than ever.

I only take on a maximum of 12 people in each training programme.

I'm chosing to limit the number of participants because I don't want this to be an impersonal online course with hundreds of other participants, where no one cares if you pass or fail.

In this programme you get individual mentoring and feedback from me and my co-teachers throughout the course.

You will also build connections and support with your fellow trainees as you practice teaching yoga, both to each other and to "real" people too!


The price of your qualification as a yoga teacher is £2,400. You can split this over 6-10 installments if that is helpful.

**SPECIAL OFFER** Pay in full before the start of the course and your fees are reduced to £2,000.

**BONUS** As soon as you register and pay a deposit, you'll get complementary access to our "All the Yogas" weekly classes and monthly workshops, our Virtual Yoga Vault full of recorded classes, and access to the Inspiratrix Yoga Teacher Training manual.


Show up to all the sessions and do the all homework, and this is what you will achieve:

  • Be qualified to teach yoga with a 200-hour Yoga Teacher qualification
  • Be certain that you have the practical skills to teach both in-person or online
  • Build your personal confidence for teaching and beyond

Feel called to step up and serve your community through yoga in 2023?

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    Imagine yourself…

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